Our Story

Our Story

Finkel & Garf Brewing Company is a collaboration between Eric and Dan Garfinkel, a father (Finkel) and son (Garf). We share a love of well crafted beer and an appreciation for the life experiences we have enjoyed with a beer in hand.

Our reason for being is simple:

  1. To make outstanding craft beer
  2. To facilitate great moments among family and friends.

Our Brewery is centered around a 15 barrel brew house designed to produce beer for our Tap Room and for restaurants and stores throughout Colorado. We also have a 3 barrel brew house for experimental projects and Tap Room exclusives.

We are often asked why we chose to put toys in the Finkel & Garf crest rather than images of hops and barley. The answer is because we are all still kids at heart. Toys are fun and they remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Our Philosophy

The process of selecting and drinking a beer shouldn’t be complicated, confusing, or too serious.

Beer should be straightforward in presentation, consistent in flavor and quality, and balanced.

Beer shouldn’t be the center of attention, but rather a facilitator of unforgettable moments.

Go Places
Stay Curious
Let it Go
Play Often
Surprise Yourself

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